Secrets to Reducing Cart Abandoning in Your E-commerce Website

Imagine this:

Shoppers visit your e-commerce website, select their favorite products and items, and put them in the shopping cart. However, they do not complete the transaction.

Cart abandonment is a leading problem for many e-commerce sites. According to business insider research of 2013, almost 74% online customers abandoned their carts. Four years later, cart abandonment is still a pain in the back of many webpreneurs.

Certainly, your site receives every kind of visitors. However, only serious prospects can proceed to fill the cart. Hence, cart abandonment could be an indicator of something that something is not okay on your e-commerce site.

But how can you reduce cart abandonment? Read on to know.

i.    Reduce customer fear in your forms

Because you and your customers are not meeting face to face and the high rate of cybercrimes, clients are uncomfortable when shopping online. Notably, many customers will abandon the carts if they deem your transaction processing forms are requesting more confidential information.

In this essence, as an online entrepreneur, your primary goal should focus on reducing the customers’ fear on your forms. Provide forms that are relevant and assure the customers that their information is secure. Also, explain the essentiality of each bit of information your customer is sharing in the form.

Through this, you will reduce customer fears in the form and enhance transaction completion.

ii.    Retarget the customer with new offers

Another reason why a prospect may abandon a cart is the challenge to meet the cost. Instead of letting the customer leave, you can retarget them with new offers. For instance, you can add an additional discount to the items on the cart.

Also, you can ask the prospect to add other items at half the original price. Through this, you can convince the customer to come back and complete their transactions as the additional products will help them save extra dimes.

iii.    State the shipment costs in advance

Lack of displaying the shipping cost associated with each product is a leading cause of cart abandonment on e-commerce websites. Your offers may attract a large number of prospects who proceed on to fill their carts. However, upon arriving at the checkout stage, the customers are unable to cater for the shipment costs.

For this reason, you can reduce cart abandoning through stating the shipping cost in advance. This way, you will only encourage shoppers with the ability to pay the set cost, hence, reducing the cart abandoned.


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